Welcome to the Lithia Springs, we are proud to announce that this year marks the 125th anniversary since LITHIA was first bottled. For 125 years this legendary mineral spring water has been enjoyed by health seekers and water connoisseurs alike. At the site of the springs are the ruins of an ancient stone temple where a giant smiling turtle carved from granite has greeted health seekers for thousands of years. Please explore the history and benefits of this rare nutrient rich mineral water from the great state of Georgia. Order LITHIA today- it tastes good and makes you feel good.

LITHIA- is the only American lithia water* sourced from a spring and commercially bottled

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Produced by Mother Earth’s perfectly natural balance of mineralizing, alkalizing, and vitalizing pristine water

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Drink Lithia- live long and healthy

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Ionic MINERALS- Electrolytes-Detoxifiers
natural alkaline PH 7.4 Optimum balance

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