Welcome to the Lithia Springs, GA. We are the natural source of one of the world's healthiest types of mineral spring waters called Lithia Water*. Lithia Springs, GA is an ancient spring where a giant smiling turtle carved from granite stands guard over the ruins of a prehistoric stone temple. The geographic locality of the spring is characterized by being on top of a mountain of granite (pluton). The source of the spring originates miles deep within the earth where primordial water slowly permeates through miles of fissures becoming mineralized from contact with blue quartz bearing granite rock. At the site of the spring pristine Lithia Mineral Water reaches the earth’s surface and flows from a legendary medicine spring. LITHIA tastes good and makes you feel good.

LITHIA- is the only American NATUARL lithia water sourced from a spring and commercially bottled

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*Lithia Water is a rare type of natural mineral spring water that contains trace amounts of the element lithium. Lithia Water is one of the most scientifically researched types of spring waters in the world because of its beneficial mineral composition for body and mind.

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Ionic MINERALS- Electrolytes-Detoxifiers
natural alkaline PH 7.4 Optimum balance

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