Since 1888 Lithia Springs GA has been the original source of one of the world's most healthful types of mineral spring waters, called Lithia Water*. Lithia Springs GA is a sacred medicine spring where for thousands of years a giant smiling turtle effigy, carved from granite stone, has greeted health seekers who journeyed to the spring to drink its health enhancing Lithia Water*. The geographic locality of the spring is characterized by being on top of a mountain of granite (pluton). The spring's source originates deep within this mountain of granite where primordial water becomes mineralized from contact with blue quartz bearing granite rock. As the pristine mineral water slowly flows upward through miles of granite fissures it reaches the earth's surface at an ancient medicine spring where Mother Nature bestows a rare gift of health, Lithia Spring Water*. LITHIA is refreshing and makes you feel good.

Lithia Water Bottle

LITHIA is the only American Natural lithia water sourced from a spring and commercially bottled

LITHIA is 100% pristine natural mineral spring water produced by mother earth. LITHIA comes in a BPA free fully recyclable bottle with no ozone, preservatives, or additives.

*Lithia Water is a rare type of natural mineral spring water that contains trace amounts of the element lithium. Lithia Water is one of the most scientifically researched types of mineral spring waters in the world because of its beneficial mineral composition for body and mind. (Wikipedia Lithia Water)

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